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Content distribution

We have a portfolio of mobile content services that includes html5 games, video streaming, lifestyle, sport, cooking and leisure services.

We provide to our clients end-to-end mobile sites with the best consumer journey possible, implementing the content licensing with the best and most effective media solutions over the world.

Once you start to get a flow and alignment to the online available media content, it will become easier to generate more.

Connect customers and supply

We are present with our mobile services in Europe. We are able to connect through mobile operators, carrier billing aggregators and content providers in order to supply mobile services. We track conversion events within our own tracking platform.

We start by creating a connection on high-quality content. We consider the content that has been created and post it in our portfolio and work from a strategy. Connecting on platform, we monitor the potential customers who will be looking at the ad that is shown to users.

Games and videos to keep you entertained anytime!

Check out the latest offers, discounts and deals on your favorite products and services.

Your favorite products and brands from licensed content.
High-quality media

Thanks to our know-how and media reach, we provide high-quality subscribers for mobile services. We have a network of direct publishers and a dedicated media buy presence on premium channels such as Google and Facebook traffic.

In digital marketing, we value the importance of high quality media to cut through the essential. Take a look at your Facebook feed or a competitor's website. If the quality of the images, video, animations or any other media or design aspects isn’t top notch, a potential viewer (prospect) or customer will immediately lose trust in that brand, product or service.


We don’t cut corners on the quality of media, which goes the same for the compliance subject. Too often it is thought that it’s something to ‘invest in compliance more later’ when more revenue starts to come in. The unfortunate truth is, in the competitive digital marketing world of 202 and beyond, most will even get off the starting line without a well-prepared compliance plan.

We are in cooperation with Evina, a technology company that is providing analytics on seemingly fraudulent traffic. Monitoring the mobile media business, they have a comprehensive and dedicated detection system that can recognize methods that seem and are malicious activity. Also a most effective campaign optimization is implemented in order to exclude the malicious traffic and save the spend for higher quality traffic.

In this arena, we’re not only competing against the same sector, it is about competing against every other company that is marketing to the same audience over and over again, for any product or service.


When you are surfing the internet you may come across our services, maybe you want to give it a try. (Normally you are expected to answer a question or solve a puzzle or questionnaire). After a good answer, you will be asked to enter your mobile number in the manner shown on the website. After you have filled in your number, you will receive a free welcome or confirmation message. As soon as you confirm this, you will officially participate to the relevant service.

The service clearly states that it is a subscription service. After registration, the person will receive a free message stating the weekly or monthly costs, how often messages are sent to the mobile number, how the customer can check out again and a website for more information about the service. Should there be any questions, it is always possible to ask a question via our customer service at

We understand that this is an undesirable situation and do not target minors. To unsubscribe your child from our service, you can let the mobile number at our customer care, which will provide you with an explanation within a maximum of 48 hours. For other ways to write, you can read it in the messages received on the mobile number to which the paid messages were received. The information to unsubscribe from a subscription service can be found in the free sign-up message and free reminder messages that someone has signed up for a subscription service.

We only send SMS messages to mobile numbers that are filled in to be registered with our services. You may not remember requesting the service anymore. Be careful when lending your phone to others. The subscription is only active if you have initiated it and given informed consent for this subscription.

If you are registered for the Redleads service, you pay a fixed amount per week or month. This depends on the service to which someone has signed up.

There are several ways to stop the service:
1: Via SMS: you can unsubscribe at any time by "STOP" or a combination of "STOP" and (relevant) keyword to the shortcode. You will then be notified immediately.
2: Via e-mail: You can send an e-mail containing the mobile number to be written out to the email address on the website where you have registered
3: Via the telephone helpline: Customers can call customer service on the phone number that appears in the messages received on the mobile phone number used.
4: You can always cancel your unsubscribe request at who will complete the request within 48 hours or earlier.


Have you read the "FAQ" and your question has not been answered?
Please contact us via the email address below and do not forget to mention your mobile phone number:

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